Short haircuts for men are generally more popular because they are easy to maintain. Moreover, they also help to complement masculine features.

Short haircuts are suitable for men with straight, curly, and textured hair. You can let them loose and keep them messy, or neatly comb them to get a sophisticated look.

The style opportunities are endless with short hair. So, if you are someone who has decided to cut their hair shorter, or looking for a new hairstyle, then you have come to the right place.

Choose among the hairstyles that work best for you:

1.      Undercut

short haircuts for men

The timeless undercut is a staple hairstyle among men. It is famous for its simple yet charming look. The undercut is known for shaping your features well.

An undercut usually features shaved sides and back. However, you can also go for shorter hair length on the sides and back as well.

To maintain this hairstyle, you will need to shave or cut your sides and back. You can either do this by yourself with a trimmer at your home or get an appointment from a hairdresser to help you with it.

2.      Crew Cut is one of the Popular Short Haircuts for Men

Crew cut

If you like to keep your hair extremely short, then this is the hairstyle you should opt for. A crew cut is a basic haircut that is simple. Furthermore, it does not require too much maintenance like the undercut.

Crew cuts are common in the military around the world for they are low maintenance. This hairstyle can be sported on the daily. If you feel like switching things up, you can use hair pomade for a spiky look.

3.      A Hairstyle for Men who have Thick Hair

We all know how cumbersome it is to style thick, long hair. Thick, short hair is easier to style and maintain. You can take inspiration from this style if you have thick hair.

The effort in this case is minimal. You do not need too much hair product to set this hairstyle. A haircut like this way will allow you to rock the natural texture of your hair.

4.      The Faded Cut

Fades are popular among the masses. You can walk out of your home and see many people rocking this look. In comparison to the crew cut, this hairstyle requires more maintenance.

If you are okay with visiting the barber every once in a while, then you should definitely try this hairstyle. It looks amazing on most men who have a sharp jawline. Furthermore, men who have thinner hair can use this hairstyle to create more volume on top.

5.      Forward Sweep – Short Haircuts for Men that are Easy to Maintain

Just like the crew cut, the forward sweep is very easy to maintain as well. The variation of the forward sweep in the image has very short hair length.

You can go for slightly longer hair if you wish. Men who are busy and do not like putting much effort in their hair should go for this hairstyle.

This haircut will save you trips to the barber and give you great value.

6.      The shortest haircut you can get – Induction Cut

short haircuts for men

If you are looking to get a hairstyle with the shortest hair possible without shaving your head, then the induction cut is for you. Men who do not fancy the idea of shaving their head can go for this look.

This is another hairstyle inspired by the military.

7.      Classic Ivy League is one of the Short Haircuts for Men that We Love

Ivy league haircut

The Ivy League hairstyle is a smart short haircut you can sport. It is a classy haircut that is easy to maintain and does not require much styling. You can let the natural texture of your hair take over in this case.

8.      Short Haircuts for Men Inspired by Salman Khan

short haircuts for men

The widely celebrated Indian actor, Salman Khan, has sported a variety of hairstyles throughout his career. Nowadays, Salman Khan is seen sporting this short haircut that has caught our eye.

It is an elegant haircut that looks sophisticated. It is a classic swept back look with short hair length. The formal look makes it a great choice for a hairstyle that you can wear on the daily.

9.      The Buzz Cut

short haircuts for men

We have seen many famous celebrities rock this look. Justin Timberlake, Zayn Malik, Jason Statham are some of the few notable names. The buzz cuts are easier to maintain and look good on most men.

This hairstyle has become widely popular among men because of the recent adoption by many celebrities.