Popular Hairstyles for Men that Will Help You Look Handsome

Everybody likes to look dazzling. An important component of a smart get-up is your hairstyle. A good hairstyle can make you feel amazing. It will help to boost your confidence and elevate your mood. There are many popular hairstyles for men out there to choose from. You just need select the one that suits you and bmtdesigntechnology can guide you even better.

To make the hairstyle selection easier for you, we have picked some popular hairstyles for men that you may like. There are all kinds of hairstyles included in this article.

Whether you like French Crops, long bangs, or faded undercuts, there is something that would definitely interest you. Moreover, I would advise you to bookmark this article, so that you can refer to it in the future as well.

These hairstyles are fresh and attractive. Does not matter if you have short, medium, curly, or straight hair, there is something for everyone.

These are six popular hairstyles for men that you can adopt:

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1. Short Haircuts are one of the Popular Hairstyles for Men

popular hairstyles for men

Men prefer shorter hair because they are low maintenance. They look professional and can be styled to show your fun side as well. The convenience attached to this haircut makes it a popular choice among various men.

You can try various variations when opting for a cut like this. You can either go with same length all over your head or opt for a longer top with shorter sides.

It is important to note that if you go for the latter variation, you will need to trim them after a while to make sure your hair does not look out of place.

2. Shaved Sides

popular hairstyles for men

Fades or shaved sides are very trendy these days. You can see different celebrities and athletes rocking this hairstyle. This hairstyle is also considered convenient because it requires trimming after a while.

A little trim at the top and shaving the sides is all that needs to be done to maintain this hairstyle.

This hairstyle is not the conventional haircut, and it helps you to stand out in the group. Mix it with a French Crop or other hairstyle to get exciting results.

3. Popular Hairstyles for Men that Work Well with Medium Hair

popular hairstyles for men

The work environment is changing with time. The rules are more laid back now. You can now express yourself more openly when it comes to choosing your outfit and hairstyle.

Life is too short to settle for a standard, boring haircut that many people sport every day.

This hairstyle works best for men who like to balance their work and social life. This haircut is not too casual and is considered acceptable in a workspace.

4. Angular fringes are in style

angular fringes

If you have noticed men’s fashion landscape, you will realize that bangs have finally made a comeback. Various stars are seen rocking bangs.

While bangs require high maintenance, but if you take care of them well, you have a very stylish haircut at your hand.

Moreover, if you are someone who has long hair, this should be your go-to hairstyle. It lets you keep the volume and look classy at the same time.

It is also known to work well for men who have curly or wavy hair. These hair types have natural textures and do not require much work.

5. Slicked Back Look is one of the Popular Hairstyles for Men

popular hairstyles for men

The slicked back look has been making rounds in the fashion world for a while, and it does not look like it is going to go back any soon.

There are not many popular hairstyles for men that carry the charm and attractiveness of a slicked back look.

Men with relatively longer hair can rock this hairstyle without any issues. You can work with your hairdresser to get the right amount of hair length on top. You can either shave the sides or go for a fade for a more different look.

6. The Combover look is very stylish

Justin Timberlake

This hairstyle is considered a staple for men in the fashion industry. This haircut looks professional and classy. You can rock this haircut in different settings.

This haircut is one of the go-to hairstyle of fashion icon, Justin Timberlake. He is known for his stylish fashion statements. If you like this style, there are more Justin Timberlake hairstyles that you can find over here.

Two variations that are common with this haircut are same length on all sides or shorter sides with longer hair on top.

The combover hairstyle is stylish, and this hairstyle has aged well. The sophisticated look puts it in the list of popular hairstyles for men.

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