Long Locks for Men: How to Grow Out Hair

Are you searching about how to grow long hair for men? It seems cruel that it is a norm for women to have long hair, but men do not. Even though society has progressed significantly, most men do not even think about growing out their hair. Why? The reason could be that they have been conditioned regarding it.   To know more tips Click here at nican . We are all about long hair on men and we love seeing it! Men who have experimented with it are to be applauded.

If you have ever been curious about it then it is time to try it out! The process of growing out long hair is not something every man is aware of. It involves a lot of aspects. It is possible to grow out long luscious hair for you, but you need to follow some protocols. Not every man’s hair care routine is flawless. If the case is the same for you, then need not worry as we are here to help. We want to assist our fellow men to grow out their hair and look beautiful.

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How to Grow Long Hair for Men- Lifestyle Changes


Do you want to know how the other half of long-haired men live? If you want to be in the same circle, it is time to make some changes. It is very possible to grow out hair, but you need to adopt a few habits. There will be habits that you will need to reduce or completely abandon. First off, start eating healthy! The health of hair indeed depends upon your diet. Natural foods that have hair growth stimulating ingredients should be included in your diet.

Shampoo and Conditioning

Every man thinks that washing hair frequently is good. Wrong! Frequent washing of hair is awful for your hair. It removes all the natural oils from the scalp and dries it out. Washing often weakens your hair roots, causes hair breakage, and damages the quality of hairs. The trick is to reduce the number of times that you use shampoo. Most shampoos have harmful chemicals in them so avoid that. Your hair needs conditioning more than anything else. The conditioner needs to only go on the tips and middle of the hair. Avoid getting it on the roots or you will have blocked pores.

Barber Visits

One important habit to adopt is to visit your barber on time. It will help you keep your hair tame and look good. A 2-3-inch trim every two or three months will make your hair look fresh. It will also help you get rid of split ends which are never good for the hair. If your current barber is experienced in only short hair, then find a new barber or hairstylist. Make sure that you tell the barber that you wish to grow out your hair. Choose a hairstyle that suits your face and advise the barber to trim it according to your plan of growing it out. You must choose a good barber who is an expert at his job.

How to Grow Long Hair for Men- Products


One focus of yours should be to start indulging in some supplements for your hair. Biotin is a supplement that many men take who wish to have long and healthy hair. But biotin is not the only supplement that you can take. You need to find herbal supplements that are full of vitamins. The vitamins will help your hair get healthy. It will also fight off every harmful substance that can slow your hair growth. Some supplements that are recommended by experts is by the company Nutrafol.

Many serums in the market are filled with goodness for the hair. All you need to do is massage them into your scalp and you will notice your hair growth getting better. You can also have tantric massage for feeling better. Look into Collective Laboratories biotin + ginseng hair growth serum which is proven to be good for all hair types.

Active measures to prevent hair loss are necessary. Before you ingest anything, make sure that you consult with a doctor first. Some hair loss preventative products are Hims finasteride prescription, Just For Men minoxidil (5%), and more.

Hair Pastes and Styling Creams

You will be astounded at how many quality choices of hair creams and pastes are out there. You can go for Hanz de Fuko hair paste, V76 by Vaughn hair paste, Blind Barber styling cream, Living Proof styling cream, etc.

How to Grow Long Hair for Men- Tips & Tricks

Your dream of having long hair can be thwarted by a couple of things. If you are losing hair like crazy, then the growth of your hair would be slow too. Stress kills healthy hair which means that you need to reduce your source of stress and try to have a healthy environment. If you are not sleeping right, it will slow down the rate of growth for your hair. You need to have around 8 hours of peaceful sleep every night. Lastly, keep away from styling tools and products. Most of the tools or products result in damage to hair which will never allow you to achieve your dream of long hair. Buy a proper brush that is not harsh for your hair and runs through it smoothly and gently.

Long hair on men is a beautiful look. We feel that every man should try it at least once in his lifetime. Many of you might have tried to keep it before but failed at it. We guarantee you that if you follow our advice, you will have flowing locks of gorgeous long hair. One thing that you will need to have in abundance for growing out your hair is patience. It takes time for hair to grow out which means that you will need to be persistent about it. There will be moments where you would feel as if your hair is not growing past a certain point but do not make haste. You will need to practice patience and with time, you will see the progress, and your dream will come true.

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