Best Braids for Men

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced braider, here are 55 of the best braids for men. With these trendy and fun braids, you can keep your hair back or spice up your look. Continue reading to see the looks.

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What Is a Braid?

A braid is any flexible material that has been woven together to form a long, interconnected structure. In the case of hair, braiding is a millennia-old hair-weaving technique. It transcends all cultures and epochs. Braiding has been around since hair was invented.

Braids come and go in popularity, and each braid has a different level of complexity, but they are always in style. they have a long and complicated history.

The braids have different meanings in various cultures. Men and women have always been obsessed with their hair and how it was styled. As a result, braids can be as unique as the person who wears them.

The History of Braid Hairstyles

The history of braid hairstyles

Braids are the most popular hairstyle. The Venus of Willendorf, a stone fertility goddess discovered in Austria in 1908, dates back 30,000 years. Braids have been used to communicate tribal affiliation and marital status throughout history.

Many cultures have spun on the technique, from Indigenous pigtails to Chinese staircase braids. Though braids were worn mainly by women, they were also worn by men, especially warriors such as Vikings, Ethiopians, and Celts. To be sure, your local barbershop is more likely to be influenced by recent history.

Braids became popular in the late 1960s, and early 1970s as black communities rejected white beauty standards that required long, smooth hair in favor of something more traditional. Nina Simone and Stevie Wonder popularised the style. It gained political traction in the 1990s in the aftermath of the Los Angeles riots and, more recently, in response to the deaths of young black men at the hands of US law enforcement.

Braids have a distinct cultural significance as a result of this. Tighter forms, such as cornrows, are associated with black hair culture, whereas looser plaits and French brands are related to Caucasian hair culture. You may face accusations of cultural appropriation if you are white and wear fancy box braids. Consider David Beckham’s 2003 hairstyle and whether it fits the vibe you’re going for.

Braids, however, are more than just a lesson in anthropology. They also appear to be attractive. They instantly add texture and shape to long-haired men’s hair, lacking in the waves of surfer tresses. Whether you go for all-over braids or a few plaits, they can soften or enhance what’s underneath.

Braids offer creative styling options that no other hairstyle can match if you have long enough hair. If you can find a skilled enough stylist – Instagram or our top picks below should help – the patterns they can create in your hair are nearly limitless. Braids began as a way to express yourself to those around you, and they should continue to do so in the right hands today.

Best Braid Styles For Men 

Braids and hairstyles have become associated with femininity recently, but they are making a comeback for men. 

From ancient Africa to the Vikings, men have always loved braids. Wearing braids is a skill as well as a fashion statement. Here are 55 trendy braids for men to try.

Stitch Braids

Stitch braids

By sectioning your hair into horizontal lines and using the stitch-in braiding technique, you can achieve complex, stylish designs like this one. If you want a long-lasting hairstyle, stitch braids like this can last up to a month or longer.

Mohawk Micro Braids 

faux mohawk braid

Mohawk braids are the best braids for men and are popular among men who prefer a retro or punk look. While this is not a look you would wear to work every day, it is a terrific option for men with a sense of adventure. Mohawk braids keep your hair up and out of your way while still giving you a grungy look.

Turquoise Fade Braids

Turquoise Fade Braids

This men’s braided hairstyle includes a ponytail braid, a low fade, and a pop of color. Color can be added to your hair’s bottom strands to make them stand out. If you’re concerned that the color will be too dark (or don’t want to bleach your hair blonde), you can achieve a similar effect by weaving in yarn.

Single Plait

single plait

While this hairstyle creates your own “tail,” the single plait is eye-catching; however, having one section of your hair significantly longer than the others can look awkward if not worn in the braid. This style is still suitable for people with thinner hair who do not want to wear their long hair in a ponytail or bun.

Colorful Pigtail Braids

Box braids

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind look, these bright pigtail braids will transport you back to elementary school. This hairstyle features several small braids that are sectioned off and tied with a colorful hair tie on both your hair and your beard.

Single Braids 

Single braid

Men’s single braids range from a braided ponytail to a french braid. While some men may find this braided men’s hairstyle too juvenile or feminine, it is an excellent option for style-conscious (or street style fanatics?) men who prefer to keep things simple and easy. If you have long hair, braiding it back in a single strong braid keeps it out of your way and adds some style.

Curly Hair With Side Dutch Braids

Curly Hair With Side Dutch Braids

Curly hair adds texture and interest to even the most basic hairstyles. Pair it with side Dutch braids and shaved sides to embrace the texture while adding structure to your hair. The shaved sides will highlight your crown, making it appear fuller and thicker. Side braids don’t have to be neat or straight to look good, and you can play around with different thicknesses. Wear your braids with pride and enjoy the attention they will garner.

Crown Braid with Ponytail

Crown Braid with Ponytail

Consider combining a crown braid and a ponytail for a daring and exciting hairstyle that will catch people’s attention. In recent years, more men have embraced longer hair, challenging the outdated notion that shorter hair is associated with masculinity. Crown braids are commonly associated with women’s hairstyles, but this look demonstrates that they can be worn confidently by both men and women. 

Snoop Dogg 2 Braids

snoop dogg 2 braids for men

Who hasn’t had their hair braided into two pigtails and pigtail bobos dangling from the ends? Snoop co-opted and matured their signature hairstyle, which surprised six-year-olds worldwide.

Two Braids

two braids hairstyles men

While most men will probably avoid girly and nostalgic pigtails, men can pull their hair back into two French-style braids on either side of the head for a more modern and masculine look. Men’s two braids look great with a different undercut that adds dimension, depth, and flair. 

Three Braids Hairstyles 

three braid hairstyle

Three braided hairstyles for men usually consist of two braids down each side of the head and one braid running through the center. These braids look best when wrapped tightly around the head. They resemble cornrows but are thicker and broader. Request a low fade or undercut if you want something more elaborate.

Ghana Braids 

Ghana braid

Ghana braids, also known as banana braids or fishbone braids today, have their origins in Africa. Ghana’s braiding differs from traditional cornrowing in the beginning and end. Each braid starts small, soft, and natural before thickening and filling out in the middle and tapering off at the ends.

Small Box Braids With Shaved Sides

Small Box Braids With Shaved Sides

Box braids are available in two sizes: large and small, with the smaller size providing a subtle but cool look. Small box braids are also ideal for fine or thin hair because they do not cause tension or damage to the scalp. They can also be made with your hair; only three to four inches of length is required. Pair it with shaved sides or a fade to add structure to your look. The shaved sides contrast nicely with the hair on top of the head. It can also appear neater and more polished. This could give you an advantage depending on how you style it.

Four Braids For Men

Four Braids For Men

Depending on the length of your hair, four braids for men can be done as cornrows or left to hang freely. Because Travis Scott’s signature braided style requires four braids, a cornrow style with braids close to the head appears more intentional and elegant. While you might be able to pull off some loose layered braids, the result may be too messy or disheveled. You can turn these 4 braids into a bun. You can make 6 braids as well. 

Lil Yachty Braids

Lil Yachty Braids

The first thing you notice about Lil Yachty are his braids, which are dyed bright red and styled with beads. The rapper looks great in these red braids, which are not for everyone. His music emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, and his hairstyle reinforces that message by projecting a whimsical and fun aesthetic.

Zig Zag Cornrows

Zig Zag Cornrows

Cornrow braids are a popular and adaptable men’s protective hairstyle. They suit all hair textures and lengths and can be worn short or long. Experimenting with different partings and zigzag cornrows is a contemporary take on the classic front-to-back look. This is a trendy and cool look that you may have seen on the hair of fashion icons or NBA players. If your braids are long, wear them loose or create a simple updo like a ponytail or mini man bun.

Wiz Khalifa Braids

Wiz Khalifa Braids

Wiz re-twists and maintains his dreads regularly. He began his dreadlocks using the coil method. Similarly, if you’re wondering if Wiz Khalifa has ever had his dreads cut, the answer is yes, but only in 2017 to remove the bleached ends.

Spider Braids With Dreads

Spider Braids With Dreads

Spider braids are a variation of box braids, with the difference being the pattern shaved into the crown. A straight line and intersecting diagonal lines distinguish spider braids. As a result, the body resembles a spider, with box braids serving as legs.

Viking Braid Ponytail

Viking Braid Ponytail

This look features two large and two small French braids. The braids are completed to the ends and then tied several times along the length. The result is a detailed ponytail created with only four simple braids.

Side Braids with Quiff

Viking Braid Ponytail

This style is for big forehead braids. Side braids with a quiff will give you a distinctive masculine and fashionable appearance. The quiff is a timeless classic with hair brushed back in the front. This adds volume while also conveying neatness and refinement. It suits a wide range of hair lengths and textures, with shorter hair looking less dramatic. The quiff takes on a modern spin on its traditional appearance when paired with side braids. This can add texture and volume by emphasizing the contrast between the hair on the sides of the head and the hair on top.

Red Braids With Beads

Red Braids With Beads

Box braids are appealing because they are versatile and easy to customize to reflect your style. One example is to pair them with bright colors and hair accessories. Red is a vibrant color that draws attention to your braids, giving you a distinct and intriguing appearance. Beads can also be worn proudly in your hair to honor or bring you closer to your ancestors. There are many different types of beads and ways to incorporate them into your hairstyle. Add a few to the ends of your braids for a dramatic effect. This is not a look for the faint of heart and requires a lot of confidence to pull off.

Triangle Box Braids

triangle box braid

Triangle box braids are ideal for the man who prefers unique box braids. These braids are made by sectioning hair into different pieces using a triangle rather than a boxy shape. The result is an exciting finish that can emphasize your style. Because of their angular shape, they stand out more. This is ideal for those seeking a modern twist. These braids are also a protective style that encourages hair growth and reduces breakage. You can also save time on styling.

Dutch Braids to Single Braid

Dutch Braids to Single Braid

This is an excellent undercut style. Braid several rows of Dutch braids starting at the hairline and combining them into one long braid instead of tying them at the crown. Braid two of the five braids down to add interest to the final braid.

Simple Braided Hairstyle with Hair Crown

Simple Braided Hairstyle with Hair Crown

Intricate braided hairstyles are available, but braids can also be made very simply. Consider a loose hair crown for a braided look that doesn’t require much skill or time. Maintain your hair down and concentrate on the crown braid. It’s best applied to unwashed hair with a bit of grit to keep it in place. Long hair for men can be very sexy and a great way to show off the texture of your hair. Longer hair provides more styling options.

Allen Iverson Braids

Allen Iverson Braids

Iverson braids, which first gained popularity over 20 years ago, remain among men’s most popular braid styles today. Iverson braids are ideal for the artistic man who expresses himself through his hair by combining various hair parts and patterns to create a stunning visual effect.

Zig Zag Braids

zig zag braids

While they may appear unusual, zig-zag braids are not as challenging to master as you might think. Instead of parting the hair in a straight line, use a zig-zag pattern to separate each section. Simply braid the hair in the direction of the part after that. The hair must be plaited close to the scalp to achieve the distinct shape and style of zig-zag braids. It’s also a good idea to use pomade or wax to keep frizz from covering up the zig-zag pattern.

Braids With Fade

A combination of cornrows and a fade is one of the most popular hairstyles for black men. The braids’ complexity complements the short, crisp fade, giving you a versatile and stylish look. While the braid is quite complex, the fade softens it without removing the art of braiding.

Braid With Yarn Accents

One of the best things about braids is that you can tie them into almost anything. Colored yarn is a popular way to give your hair a quick makeover. If you’re feeling brave, you can add small chains, cuffs, or fake hair to your braids.

Purple and Fuschia Cornrows

You can experiment with different cornrow styles, such as modern additions and unusual partings. Hair color is one of the most effective ways to express yourself. Hair dyes that are bright and bold are an excellent way to draw attention to your hair while emphasizing texture and style. It’s also an opportunity to have some fun and demonstrate to the world that you’re not afraid to take risks.

Why not try both colors if you can’t decide between them? The ombre coloring technique, which blends two colors, is the best way to achieve this. Purple and Fuschia are complementary and opposed colors. This is a fun way to add color to your outfit, but it takes a lot of confidence to pull off.

African Fishbone Braids

African fishbone braids are among the most eye-catching and best braids for men. These braids are close to the scalp and, though similar in design to cornrows, are more delicate and intricate. The fishbone braid should not be confused with the fishtail braid, a popular hairstyle for men with long hair.

French Braid to Four-Strand

Try this look if you know how to braid but don’t want to try a four-strand French braid. Begin with a standard French or Dutch braid until the hair runs out, then divide the remaining hair into four strands and finish with a four-strand braid.

Raised French Braid

Try raised French braid if you have short hair but want to do braids. It’s a classic French braid done loosely to add volume. Make sure you have an abundance of hair spray on hand.

Beard Braid

This is just a friendly reminder that whatever you can do to your hair, you can also do to your beard. For the dwarf king look, try a single regular braid or multiple braids of different styles. You could even French braid your beard along your jaw and join the two braids in the middle to form one if you have enough hair.

Man Bun Braids

If you’re going for a man bun, add texture by braiding your hair from your brow to the topknot. This look works well with one or more plaits. To achieve this look, you must have long hair.

Braided Box braids

While the final product is often quite thick, it also looks fantastic. This is an unusual way to show off your multicolored hair. This look works best with longer, thinner hair, but it can work with any hair type. You will find a lot of rappers with box braids.

Braids With Tapered Sides

If you have long hair and are tired of the same old braid, try this epic taper fade with a braid and undercut. It will make your long hair look different, allowing you to stand out in a crowd.

Undercut With Box Braids and Bun

This hairstyle is captivating. It perfectly combines traditional box braids and the messy bun look. This style keeps your hair out of your way while still looking stylish.

Viking Braids 

In this style, long hair is pulled back into a single, thick warrior braid, as shown by Vikings king Ragnar Lothbrok. If you work in a more formal setting or office, go for something more refined or classic. If you want to go for an authentic Viking hairstyle, braid your Viking beard for a matching set that will definitely turn some heads.

Undercut With Cornrows and Topknot

The undercut with cornrows and a topknot is a popular style for men with shorter hair. It will keep your hair in place while also enhancing its appearance. This look can be achieved with various braids, from small crochet braids to larger Dutch braids.

Two Blonde Cornrows

Lighter hair draws attention to and emphasizes your preferred hairstyle. To brighten your appearance without dying your entire head of hair, choose statement highlights and incorporate them into your preferred braided style. Cornrows are an excellent protective style that can be customized to any hair type or length. Your blonde cornrows will be the focus of your look.

Box Braids

Box braids are for short hair men. These are the way to go if you have a lot of hair and want a style that will keep it contained for weeks. If you want to know how to get box braids close to the scalp. This small braid collection can be worn loose, ponytailed, or mixed with other braids. Cornrow patterns are virtually limitless, and while they look great on short hair, what do you do with the ends of longer hair? You can leave them loose or join them to keep everything neat and out of the way. It is considered among the best braids in Nigeria

Loose Side Braids

loose side braid for men

Side braids are attractive because they can frame your face while highlighting and complementing your features. They come in various textures and lengths, but longer hair allows for greater customization. For a more dramatic look, they can also make the braids larger and thicker for a more dramatic look. Allow your braids to hang loose for a more relaxed look appropriate for casual occasions. This unstructured, haphazard approach can be highly flattering.

French Braids

French braids

French braids begin near the hairline and extend to the base of the neck. Despite their appearance, French braids are relatively simple to master. While your hair does not need to be super long all over, it should be long enough on top to avoid stray hairs or messy braids.

Hair Twist with Undercut

When hair twists and an undercut are combined, you’ll notice a distinct difference between the top of the head and the back and sides. Because it adds structure and creates a neat and polished appearance, an undercut is a fashionable addition to any man’s haircut. The undercut looks good because it can be worn with various top styles while lightening up heavier looks. Combining it with twists accentuates your crown hair while reducing its bulk. Twists add texture and are easy to apply and keep in place.


Cornrows are small, tight braids that can be done underhand or in the Dutch style. They are typically performed from the brow to the neck, but they can be completed in various ways, as demonstrated here. Designs become pretty creative and last for an extended period.

Braids For Men With Short Hair

Braids for short-haired men can be complicated, but they are not impossible. One of the best hairstyles for men with short hair is the two-strand twist. Begin by sectioning your hair in two at the front of your head.

Then, grab a section of hair on both sides of your part. Twist each strand of hair over the previous one, adding new hair chunks gradually. Remember to keep your hair long, even if it doesn’t reach your shoulders.

Braids For Men With Long Hair

Long hair allows for an infinite number of braids for men. Long hair has no limits, from cornrows to French braids. If your hair is naturally frizzy, keep a small amount of light hair clay on hand to keep your braids crisp, clean, and free of stray hairs.

Short Box Braids

Short box braids are just as cool and stylish as long braids for standing out. They will be lighter and easier to maintain as well. They are an excellent choice for men who want to use their natural hair and prefer a more simple and subtle approach to braids. This protective style aids moisture retention, breakage prevention, and growth stimulation. Because it is lighter and does not cause scalp tension, it appeals to those with thin or fine hair.

Pineapple Box Braids with Side Cornrows

Pineapple box braids are made to look like the grooves on a pineapple. They are visually appealing and give your hair a distinct look. Box braids are a great protective style that saves time and keeps your hair from breaking. They are also highly versatile, as they can be worn on hair of all textures and lengths. Box braids can also be paired with various hairstyles, such as an undercut or fade for a more structured look, or with other braids for added texture. Side cornrows will give your hairstyle a new twist. It can also flatter people with a broad face or a receding hairline.

Twist Braids 

These braids are ideal for men who do not want to deal with hair styling or changing daily. Twist braids have a distinct shape and can range in thickness from two to eight weeks. Thinner twist braids will last much longer than thicker twist braids.

Faux Side Braid

The faux side braid is amongst the popular braids in 2023. If you like the idea of braids but want to give your hairstyle a modern twist, side braids are the way to go. A faux side braid contrasts the hair on top of your head with the hair on the back of your head. This allows you to play around with proportions and dimensions, which can be extremely flattering. It can highlight your facial features and frame your face. This look is achievable with hair of various lengths and textures; however, the longer and thicker your hair, the more noticeable the contrast between the braids and the rest of your hair.

Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is a two-strand braid like a French or Dutch braid. Because the technique resembles wrapping rather than braiding, the strands appear to meet in the middle rather than cross over.

Reverse Three-Strand Braid

The reverse braid resembles arrows pointing upward, whereas the regular three-strand braid resembles arrows pointing downward. This is the back of any regular three-strand braid, but you can fake it by wrapping the middle strand alternately around the outside ones.

Single Three-Strand Braid

The most basic braid is a single three-strand braid. Divide your hair into three sections and alternately cross each outside strand into the center of the other two. This braid is fundamental and is the foundation for almost all different braids.

Side Dutch Braid on Fine Hair

Braids are suitable for all hair types, including fine hair. Braiding fine hair too tightly can cause scalp tension and even breakage. It’s also important not to make braids too tight on fine hair, so the Dutch braid is a great option. It’s done haphazardly by crossing three sections of hair underneath one another. As a result, it is also referred to as a reverse French braid. Braids can add an edgy and cool vibe to your look. It will also make for an exciting contrast.

Is the Braid for You?

The braid hairstyle is suitable for everyone because there are many ways to experiment and execute it. There are numerous hair braiding techniques available, all of which look great. 

Whether you are a pro or a complete noob, you can create any eye-catching braids. What is the most important secret? Be confident. Start with the basics, and you’ll be able to master these difficult hairstyles in no time.

Considerations For Creating The Best Braids For Men

Hair texture is unimportant

You can braid your hair whenever you want. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, or style, anyone can wear braids. While thicker and more textured hair may find it easier to keep braids in longer, braiding can be done on any type of hair.

Tighter braids will stay together longer

Make your braids tight if you want them to last. Some people wish their braided hair to last for months, but it will fall out in a few days if the style is too loose. Make sure to braid tightly, but choose a style that will last.

Learning to braid takes time

Many small tips and tricks are required to practice, so don’t give up if you can’t achieve a new braiding style the first time you attempt it. Begin with simpler styles, such as Dutch braids, and gradually progress.

To be able to braid, you must have some length

It may appear obvious, but it isn’t, especially if your hair is normally short. While short hair allows you to create some braiding styles, the possibilities begin to expand once you have more than a few inches on your head, the possibilities begin to expand.

Braids will not hold as well if your hair has recently been washed

Not only could you spend several hours on a complex style that won’t last as long, but if you have naturally textured hair, braiding too tightly could cause hair or root damage.

If you’re having trouble, it could be the braid, not you

Dutch braids are easier to make than French braids, and two braids are easier to make than one.

To braid, you must first strengthen your arms

You may be surprised to learn that braiding can be quite strenuous. It will be challenging at first, especially if you are working with a large amount of hair or attempting to finish a complex design. Understand that the first few braids may be exhausting, but after that, you should be able to braid your entire head of hair without tiring.

Braiding at your skill level is required

Stitch braids and zig-zag designs, for example, should be avoided by beginners. Before moving on to more complex styles, don’t be afraid to experiment with more straightforward, less time-consuming braids.


Is braid good for men?

Braids are ideal for men with long, luscious locks or extra length in their hair. It’s an excellent way to keep your hair out of your face while still looking fashionable.

How long do braids last for guys?

It can last for two weeks to a month if adequately cared for and maintained. Because your hair grows and the braids are close to the head, regrowth can make it look untidy; it’s a style that needs to be redone frequently.

How much do braids cost for guys?

It usually costs between $50 and $80, depending on your preferred style.

Do braids damage hair?

Ponytails and braids, especially when pulled tightly, can cause hair to break. If you wear your hair like this daily, it can cause permanent damage. 

How do you shower with braids?

Follow these steps to shower with braids:

  • Apply shampoo liberally to your scalp.
  • While leaning over the tub, thoroughly rinse your hair.
  • Rep the shampooing procedure.
  • Use conditioner.
  • Wrap braids in a large towel to dry them.

How do men maintain braids?

6 Tips on Maintaining Braids

  • Moisturize
  • Wash Day
  • Avoid Over-styling
  • Practice Proper Night Care
  • Touch-Up Your Braids

How do you sleep with braids?

You can follow these steps:

  • Every night, wrap them in a satin scarf.
  • Follow Triangle Method
  • Cross-Over Method
  • Top Bun Method

Can I get my braids wet?

Your braids may become wet in the shower, pool, or when it rains. Certain precautions must be taken to avoid fungal growth, hair damage, frizz, and braid unraveling.

Can I keep my braids for 3 months?

Braids should be worn for a minimum of three months. It can become dangerous as it begins to break off, dread, and knot up.

How often should I oil braid?

To keep your braids looking healthy and smooth, moisturize them regularly. Apply oil to your hair and seal your braids to protect it. After every wash, or at least twice a week, moisturize your braids.

Why do my braids itch at night?

Dead skin cells, sebum, and dust accumulate on your scalp and become trapped at the roots, causing itchiness.

Are braids good for your hair?

Keeping your hair in braids reduces friction between your hair and the pillow, which aids in hair breakage prevention.

Is it OK to sleep with braided hair?

Braid your hair before going to bed. This tried-and-true method is one of the best ways to sleep with your hair. It protects your hair by preventing tangling and breaking, gives you gorgeous beachy waves, and reduces frizz the next day.

Why do I get dandruff with braids?

If you leave your braids in for an extended period, your scalp will accumulate an excess of sweat, product, and natural oils, worsening dandruff symptoms. As a result, your braids should be changed every 8-10 weeks.

Should you wash braids?

Braids can last anywhere from two to eight weeks, depending on the type and how they are worn, but they should be cleaned every two to three weeks.

Does ghana braids break your hair? 

Ghana braids, like any other protective style, can cause damage to your hair or scalp if done incorrectly, but this is something you can avoid. 

How much do long braids cost?

The prices range from $160 to more than $600, with long braids with less thickness costing the most.

How to do a crown braid with box braids?

  • Begin at the nape of the neck with the loose side.
  • Make a Dutch or reverse-French braid.
  • Work your way across the top of your brow until the braid is complete.
  • Take hold of the opposite side of your hair.
  • Make the “crown.”

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