Proper Tie Length Guide: How Long Should a Tie Be?

A proper tie length is considered a part of one’s etiquette. The first ever tie was also made of a proper length, particularly uninformed. Though the tie worn today in the modern times is a part of fashion, it is still governed by tremendous number of rules. Well, obviously there is no hard and fast rule to follow them. A tie length going wrong here or there can make your entire attire look hideous. You will be judged by literally everyone who would come across your badly measured tie. Maybe call you unprofessional, lazy and a disgrace to the society.

Not wanting that to happen for you, making you want to flourish in the sartorial world. A proper tie length should be taken very seriously for a person of business and class. It should not seem like you are a baboon killing the trends of fashion, without any dress sense.


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How Long Should A Tie Be?

The answer is quick and easy. This is what a proper tie length should be like.

The tip of the tie, be it whatever shape, diamond or square ended should be landing right above your waistband or the buckle of your belt while standing in a posture that is natural. Considering diamond ties, the folded corner should be at the same level as the top of the belt or the waist of the pant.

It does not matter if you are wearing a jacket or not. It definitely never matters what the material of the tie is. The point here is that the tip of the tie should lie on the waist band or belt. Never above it and never even below it, unless obviously you are wearing a bow tie.

Correct Tie Length

The right tie length can be a bit tricky, but most of the ties for men are around 57 inches long. This should be enough, condition that the back end of the tie should be able to reach the keeper loop which keeps the two ends intact. While mostly ties are of this length, a tie should always hit your waist when you wear it, although every man has a physical size of his own.

Tie Length Explained

In order to create a demarcation that is definite between your waist and torso, it was assumed that square ties should lie above the belt. The problem with this was that it made a man’s waist appear bigger than the usual totally ruining the purpose of a tie. The main purpose of a tie is to make a person appear slim inwards and outwards. Drawing a delusional effect, making a man’s shoulders appear broader than his waist, and a narrower tummy of course.

Longer ties are also a big interference when it comes to basic necessities like using the toilet. Your tie getting getting caught in between your zipper is an ultimate deal breaker. Following are a few tips for a proper tie length that every man must abide by.

Very Long

A tie length too long makes it extend way beyond the belt and waistband.

Proper Tie Length

The tip of the diamond should lie in the middle part of the belt or waistband.

Very Short

Revealing the fabric of your shirt, a tie too short makes the daylight between the end of the tie and waistband prominent.

Neck Tie Length

A general rule for a proper tie length for neck ties is that a part of the tie should roughly hang at the upper edge of your belt, with the tip of the tie extending below slightly. The narrow end’s tip can hang where ever.

Running into problems getting a proper tie length is common with either the Windsor or Half Windsor knot, so try to let the end that is wide hang down as far as possible. That way when you will be crossing the wide end over the narrow one, you will hardly be able to hold the narrow end. It will give you more length eventually when the knot has been tied.

Moreover, this usually happens when the tie is not long enough. So go with extra long ties, because that might be a much better choice.

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