Narcissism & Relationship | What Is A Narcissistic Man Like?

Despite the fact that even today, we hear the term “narcissist” being used loosely for people who display even a hint of selfishness or self-centered behavior, it in fact is a very real and in most cases, dangerous psychological illness.

Our culture, movies and TV shows have conditioned us to predict a mentally person as totally insane and “out of control”. They are more often portrayed as sort of disfigured, unhygienic people who have no concept of reality. However, most mental illnesses are not projected this way to the outside world in reality. In fact, they are quite hard to detect and identify.

The world is a mixture of different types of people with varying personalities. It is estimated that we meet almost all kinds of people throughout our lives, thus, its very possible to even land a narcissist man in your dating life. So, the question arises: How exactly are narcissistic men like, and how to identify them?

For your comfort, today we have for you the complete guide to spotting and identifying a narcissist man. A good news for you is that identifying narcissistic men in relationships is relativity easy, if you know what you’re looking for. Without further ado, lets head into the tell-tale signs of narcissistic men in relationships.

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Types of Narcissistic Men In Relationships

There are two types of narcissistic people: The Vulnerable Narcissist and the Grandiose Narcissist.

Type One: Vulnerable Narcissist

The Vulnerable Narcissist is the first type of a narcissist. They appear to be intimating and maintain a strong persona of entitlement and authority. When it comes to their exterior shell, they are confident, superior, possessing high self-esteem and are self-centered. However, in their cores, they are extremely weak, insecure with low self-esteem.

Type Two: Grandiose Narcissist

The second type of a narcissist is the Grandiose Narcissist. This type of narcissist are superior, confident, possessing high-self esteem both internally as well as externally. This perception of theirs is also sometimes true.

Signs Of Narcissistic Men In Relationships

So, are you suspecting that your romantic partner is a narcissist? Here is your complete guide of basic signs of narcissism in men. However, you must remember that just because your partner checks of one or two signs from the list, it does not necessarily mean that he is a narcissist.

Sign One: The Conversations Only Focus On Him

Narcissistic men in relationships are very self-centered. To them, they are the ultimate grace of the world and deserve to be worshiped. Relationships are a two-way commitment and interaction; both parties in the relationship try get to know each better better, and thus the conversations are or should be about both the parties. However, narcissistic men in relationships only like to talk about themselves. This is the first major sign you need to look out for.

Sign Two: He Believes That Rules Aren’t Applicable To Him

As said before, narcissistic men in relationships are self-centered and perceive themselves to be superior than everyone else. Thus, they believe that the rules made for the general public are not applicable to them since they are something extraordinary. Narcissistic men in relationships consider rules to be beneath them and you constantly find them breaking lines, etc. You know your suspicions are confirmed if they break a rule and then get mad at another person breaking the same rule.

Sign Three: Never Owning Up To Their Mistakes

As mentioned several times in this guide, narcissistic men perceive themselves to be superior and brilliant. They do not believe that they are in any way equal to the rest of the world, in fact, they believe that they are perfect. Thus, the idea of them making mistakes or having any sort of flaw is just absurd to them. To them, they are not capable of making mistakes and thus, if your partner is a narcissist, you’ll find him never owning up to his mistakes.

Sign Four: He Gets Easily Offended

Keeping the previous point in mind, we find that narcissistic men perceive themselves to be perfect, i.e. not possessing any flaws and incapable of making any mistakes. This perception and belief of theirs makes them feel really offended if anyone suggests that they made a mistake or worse, outright blames them for a fault. If your partner gets quite offended over the suggestion of them making a mistake, then beware because there is a high chance you are dealing with a narcissist.

Sign Five: Conditional Love

As you may already have had a clear idea, a relationship with a narcissist is an extremely emotionally draining one. Normal relationships consist of compromise from both parties, however, in a relationship with a narcissist, all the blame, baggage, mistakes, compromise is your burden at all times. While normal relationships may practice unconditional love, a narcissist will practice conditional. Firstly, the entire relationship is built on the narcissist’s terms, and on top of that, if you do not meet their demands (give unconditional love, attention, always praise and appriciate them, never blame them, etc) then they will not show even the ounce of the love they used to.

Sign Six: He Threatens And Manipulates You

Narcissistic men in relationships can be dangerously manipulative. As previously talked about, a narcissist perceives themselves to be superior, important and perfect. In order to maintain this image, they require a fulfillment of some needs like eternal praise, excessive attention, etc. They need to fulfill these needs and can even go as far as to manipulate or threaten you if you are reluctant in providing the fulfillment. This is one of the very dangerous and mentally as well as emotionally draining aspects of a relationship with a narcissist.

What Should Be Your Next Move?

So if your romantic partner is indeed a narcissist, its time you start thinking of your next move. Should you leave, or stay and try to work on the relationship. If you choose the latter, here is a complete guide of the handling of narcissistic partners for you.

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