A lot of men wear undershirts, but how many of those men consider undershirts an essential wardrobe accessory? How many of you know how to pick out the best undershirts for men?

That can be a tricky question, and very hard to answer since there are no specific statistics available. But, the main point here is that undershirts are an important part of every man’s wardrobe. Perhaps, something as important as a dress shirt and shoes. If you are one of those men who sweat like a pig, you probably understand the importance of a decent undershirt.


Different Styles of Men’s Undershirts

Undershirts are available in a lot of different colors, cuts and styles just like a regular tee. The decision of the cut and style entirely depends on the shirt you would be wearing as a top layer.

For instance, if you are planning on wearing a v neck sweater, you would prefer picking an undershirt with a crew neck. So that your upper chest is not that revealed, because that does not look appealing at all. Automatically if you rip muscles, you would want to go with a look that is best for you, providing your appearance more power.

Mostly men purchase undershirts to wear it under their dress shirts to work or formally. If you are planning on leaving the top most button of your shirt open, go with an undershirt that has a v-neck. So it is not visible when your dress shirt’s button is open.

Moreover, if you are wearing a dress shirt with a tie, the best undershirts for men to go with is a crew neck one because the neckline of a v-neck men’s undershirt would be prominent.

Men’s best undershirts are those that go with the attire and as you can see, knowing what kind to wear is very important. Hence, owning a huge range of undershirts is a must!

Best Men’s Undershirts

Calvin Klein

Definitely every guy out there must know about CK. Iconically, this brand has been around for over fifty years, being on of the leading designers.

Calvin Klein offers a wide range of clothing and accessories, including on of men’s best undershirts, described by them as essential and minimalist.

You will find them in different kinds of fabrics as well, from pure cotton to soft blends. They are available in every kind of sleeves as well, from short to long, to tank top styles, including crew necks and v-necks.

As good as it can get, the CK undershirts come in a multi pack. They work perfectly under your dress shirts, work shirts and are stylish enough to be worn casually as a top layer if desired. Probably expected, it has a Calvin Klein logo on it as well.

We assume that you would love these undershirts for they are advertised with the size information. You do not have to worry about the hassle of living with an undershirt that is either too big or too small. Their undershirts are always a regular fit so there is always extra room for body comfort.


Lacoste is one of the high end brands for men, and they make the best undershirts for men respectively. Their undershirts men set a great example of exemplary quality, including all of their other products. You are not just paying for the label, but also for the finely constructed undershirts that would last you longer than any other. The true size of their shirts has a benefit that it does not shrink after the first wash.

The pack of men’s undershirts comes with three tag free v-neck, short sleeve distinctively with their crocodile logo. You can get these undershirts in a variety of colors, white, black and grey, or a pack of three in a single color.


There are a lot of advantages when you are tall. You can literally reach out to things that most people cannot, including that jar on top of the shelf at superstores. Well, you definitely are in the game when it comes to impressing women.

But there is an honest fact that undershirts can be very tricky when it comes to men who are tall. You need to find the perfect pair that is long enough and does not keep getting out of your jeans all day long. Not every undershirt meets these needs and requirements of yours.

Hanes has got you covered, and this is not an over exaggeration. Their ultimate, tall, crew neck tee has a generous length for men who are tall. In fact they are the best undershirts when it comes to tall men.

Considering the length of the tall, crew neck undershirt at Hanes, its length is around two inches longer than the regular XL sizes. So, you do not have to worry about your undershirt fitting right under your belt. It keeps you spared from the uncomfortable feeling of your undershirt riding up every few hours. It will stay tucked and in place throughout the day.